Manta Ray Swim


Meet One Of The Most Mysterious Ocean Creatures – Manta Ray Snorkel Tours

It’s time to pull out your bucklet list!

Giants lurk just beneath the warm, clear waters off the coast of Kona. Manta rays can boast a wingspan up to 20 feet wide (6.1 meters) and are one of the largest fish in the ocean. Don’t worry, these gentle giants are completely harmless. Unlike stingrays, manta rays do not possess stingers or barbs on there tails and have no teeth. Instead, they suck in plankton with their wide, vacuum like ocean cleaner mouths.

The manta rays of Kona, Hawaii are beautiful, mysterious and unafraid of humans. At Splasher’s Ocean Adventures, we offer two amazing snorkeling tours that let you get up close to these big and majestic creatures. This is definitely bucket list material; Kona is one of only three places in the whole world where you can swim with manta rays.

Both our Sunset Manta Ray Swim and Moonlight Manta Ray Swim are two hours long and take place either at Garden Eel Cove or near the Sheraton Kona Resort & Spa. The manta rays gather at these two locations at night to feed. Kona is home to up to 200 mantas, distinguished by their beautiful black and white marks. The manta rays come all year round, but their numbers on any given day will depend on the amount of plankton in the water.

An experienced tour guide will take you out into the water where you can snorkel and watch the large and graceful mantas glide and spin just beneath you. You might be amazed at how close they get!

Sunset Manta Ray Swim

Your boat will take off just as the sun sets in the sky. Watch the horizon glow as the sun seems to sink into the water. As night takes over, the plankton will begin to gather and so will the manta rays. Your guide set up spotlights so that you can easily see the mantas somersaulting beneath you. The sunset tour can be a romantic and adventurous outing for couples or families.

Moonlight Manta Ray Swim

For a truly unforgettable experience, try our Moonlight Manta Ray Swim. Splasher’s Ocean Adventure is only one of a handful of companies that offer a nighttime manta ray swim in Kona. As the moon hangs in the sky, our boat will take you out over the dark water. If you’re brave enough, slip into the water and our custom-built board will shine spotlights across creatures swimming below. These lights attract the plankton, and the gentle, harmless manta rays soon follow. Watch as these beautiful and ethereal creatures glide beneath you, performing summersaults and spins.

Who Should Go On The Manta Ray Swim

The Sunset and Moonlight Manta Ray Swims are open to anyone with a spirit of adventure. Adults and children (ages 6+) are welcomed, and no experience is necessary. (Children must be at least six years of age and demonstrate strong swimming ability.) Your helpful guide will provide all of the necessary equipment and keep you safe and happy on your adventure. A manta ray swim can be the crown jewel of your Kona, Hawaii vacation, a great bucket list conquest, and a safe and fun outing for the whole family.